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Donations that make the difference in our project! Donating Stock is easy and is double matched!

This project has been an amazing collaborative effort from individual donations, stock donations, grants and in-kind donations from organizations like the National Guard.  

The National Guard Mobilized in Maupin during the summer of 2020 moving 5000 yards of donated fill!

The National Guard's Heavy Machinery is lined up on the backstretch following a day of moving earth to increase the DRAC footprint

All of these streams of funding have made an impact.

Did you know that one of the easiest ways to donate to the project is by transferring stock to an account we have set up for the Maupin Area Chamber Endowment? 

As a donor you receive the full benefit of the stock donation for tax purposes ( MACE is a 501c Non Profit) and we currently have all donations matched by the Maybelle Clark MacDonald Fund Matching program.

We are listed as a beneficiary organization through Benevity at both Intel and Nike!

That means that your stock donation will be matched by MCM Fund, essentially doubling the impact for the project. 

We are completing phase 1 this summer and actively raising funds for phases 2-3 to complete the track, grandstands and surrounding event venue facilities ( food cart pod and stage) to bring a variety of events to Maupin.

Maupin DRAC as an Event Venue with the Track, Field, Entertainment Stage and Food Cart Pods

The team at the Maupin Deschutes River Athletic Complex continues to make amazing progress through the month of August with all the conduit for electrical, plumbing and in ground hardware for the track and field equipment being installed underground.

The Track is beginning to emerge with the in ground wiring, irrigation and field event hardware installed prior to the paving process.

To learn more and make your donation of stock contact me at and I will be able to answer any questions on how to donate through stock and a simple transfer to our UBS account which has provided us a great way to make an impact on this project.


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