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World Class Track and Field Clinic coming to Maupin February 23-25, 2024

A conversation led by Jon Bowerman to Susie Miles earlier this fall, brought up the need to provide great coaching for small rural school coaches. Many small school coaches coach multiple sports, and therefore don't always get the opportunity to go to larger clinics due to time, distance and small school budgets. Yet these coaches have the same expectations as all other track coaches: teaching proper technique to a myriad of athletes in many events. It is a natural fit to host this clinic in Maupin. Let's bring a world class track coach instructor, to a world class track, located in a world class setting.

Susie called Michael Bergmann of IncubatorU to see if there were coaches that would be willing to come to Maupin prior to the 2024 season and put on a clinic for the coaches in the league and beyond.

Michael called a couple of his contacts including a phone call to Ashton Eaton, 2 x Olympic Gold Medalist. Bergmann happened to be sitting with Ashton and his family at the Nike Prefontaine Classic this past September. Ashton suggested that Bergmann call his coach, the legendary Harry Marra. He has coached multiple Olympians, including Ashton and his wife Brianne Theisen-Eaton.

Harry's approach is LBW-Learn By Watching.

The weekend (Feb. 23-25) will begin with a keynote or community talk on Friday night.

Saturday will have the LBW approach for Sprint Mechanics, Starts and Speed. The afternoon will cover the horizontal and vertical jumps ( High Jump) .

Sunday will include making sure everyone knows the importance of the warm up. Harry will then watch the coaches coaching. Their athletes are encouraged to attend on Sunday!

The clinic will be videotaped and a link will be provided to the coaches and participants.

The clinic is supported by Willamette Valley Track and Field as well as Beynon Sports.

The clinic is being produced by IncubatorU,


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