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Maupin DRAC team connects with the local community

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

We successfully brought the community together to learn more about this amazing project. It was great to meet so many people that have a vested interest in sustainably developing the community. The event was planned carefully by Kevin Paulk, Susie and Holly Miles with both Kevin and Holly presenting the vision to the community. Holly did an outstanding job describing how this all started with her senior project to see what it would take to get a real track.

Many people beyond Maupin have been inspired by Holly's story and the project itself. Ken Goe's article in the Oregonian inspired many people outside of Maupin and Oregon to reach out. The memories of a track and field experience as well as a small community rallying behind a project has inspired many including Olympic Gold Medalist Mac Wilkins who shared his insight:

I live it every day, the ability of sport to raise people above the noise and division in our world. Sport is a great unifier. Projects like these transform communities and bring people from different backgrounds together on a common ground. Sport is transcendent. -Mac Wilkins-Olympic Gold Medalist

Runnerspace features Maupin D.R.A.C. on July 14th

Doug Binder of and came out to the venue to check it out himself. This interview was posted on the website on July 14th.

The community gathers to hear the vision and mission

The Maupin Community listens to Holly Miles and Kevin Paulk present the vision and introduce the team

Presentation moves outside to socially distance and inform

Images that show the overall vision of DRAC
The vision boards including environmental science, agriculture and outdoor recreation

Twilight over Maupin DRAC...imagine a race or concert overlooking this canyon

The Twilight at the Maupin DRAC....dreaming of athletes running into the sunset and overlooking the Deschutes River

Drone view of the Track early 2020 by Erik Schultz

Current aerial photo of the Maupin SWCHS Track and Field
The most unique track shape in Oregon soon to become the track with the best view!

Maupin DRAC

Records are meant to be broken....when student athletes can practice at their own facility records will drop

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