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Track and Field Athletes set individual goals and team goals that make create lifelong experiences. I loved being on teams throughout my life that brought together a wide group of individuals ( male and female) from a variety of events and abilities that really made up the team aspect of Track and Field.

South Wasco County High School Record Board 2021

Today we have access to technology that allows us to see how performances line up with individuals and teams from around the state. There is a distinct advantage for a team to have a facility to train on as well as the ability to compete on a home track in front of your family, friends, community members and teammates.

School has started again in the Fall of 2021 at South Wasco County High School. I dropped by the gym look at the current record board on the gymnasium wall. I wanted to do this as the Maupin Deschutes River Athletic Complex was taking form knowing that in the next year this record board will begin to look different.

There is something about a quality facility that draws more student athletes out to a sport and with that increase in participation the quality of the training, the performances and the energy around a team to excel delivers an amazing result.

Could the Redsides win another title in the next few years?

I led a project in Portland that transformed Roosevelt High School's Athletic Facility. Prior to this transformation the track had not been touched for 30+ years and the field was unusable for anything other than a dog park. Once we completed this project in 2012 the participation in Track increased from 15 athletes to over 120 in a few years. This not only attracted more athletes but also great coaches that have made an impact on the program.

St Johns Teddy Roosevelt Athletic Complex completed in 2012

Regardless of the location of these facilities, I have seen transformation of the teams, schools, communities and especially the pride in elevating the collective performance of individuals.

Maupin Deschutes River Athletic Complex- September 2021

South Wasco County High School Track 2019-Student Athlete have not had home meet for 40+ years

Join us today to help get to the finish line and start to rewrite the record board from performances all the way back to the 1960's!

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