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The Finish Line is in our sights!

The teams from Beynon and Probity Builders have jump started the base layers of the track and we are scheduled to seal it and then apply the final surface and striping over the next few weeks.

We walked the track in advance of applying the base coat and one of the top concerns was to keep the track free of humans and animals to allow the base layer to set to create the best quality surface as possible. This is an amazing team that each individual leaned in to see what could be done to make the Deschutes River Athletic Complex a reality.

We walked the track and mapped out the competition zones and surfacing to maximize the use of the Beynon surface and event location.

We had the opportunity to dedicate a space near the North end D-Zone of the Track to put the markings for a pickleball court. When the track is not being used for world class and high school events the local community and visitors can enjoy a game of pickleball with world class views down the Deschutes River Canyon.

There is nothing like confidence in a team to get everything done in time for some track meets this spring.. When the word got out that we should have a track this spring we agreed to host the 1A District Track and Field Championships on May 13-14th.

Not only do we need to surface the track but we need to make sure all the equipment is in place to host the District Meet. We are fortunate to have a few schools donate their lightly used pole vault and high jump pits and hurdles for our use. We now need to get into place the automatic timing system to be able to accurately time and produce the meet.

We are scheduled to finish the track in Mid will be coming as we make progress.

We host the District Meet with 13 teams coming from Oregon and Washington to compete in Maupin for the first time in decades!

We were just awarded funding from the State of Oregon House Bill 5202 bringing us $900.000 to complete the other phases of the track and field complex, including the lighting systems, grandstands, speaker system, and food cart pod. We will continue to raise funds for the stage to host events, music festivals and amazing community and school events.

We hope you will join us to cheer on the Redside Track and Field team at their first home meet in 50+ years. It will be an amazing time to be in Maupin. Thanks for your support along the way!

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